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A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo

A Taxonomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo

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The culmination of a lifetime’s work, this beautifully produced monograph of Bornean Phasmids is the most up-to-date guide to all 337 known species or subspecies of phasmid that a reader is likely to come across in Borneo. Identification keys to the species and descriptions are given, supported by more than 1000 beautiful photographs that enable accurate confirmation of the identity: if a phasmid seems not to be in this book, it is probably either a new species or the undescribed sex of a known species. Where photographs of live specimens are not available, images of type specimens or, in a few cases, drawings are provided. Food plants of the species, when known, are also identified. There are 15 new genera and 52 new species or subspecies newly described in this book, representing a quantum leap forward in our knowledge of these captivating insects.

While this is a book for everyone interested in nature in Borneo and the Southeast Asian tropics, the scientific content will delight the serious entomologist. Keen photographers of Bornean insects will also have greatly increased chances of identifying their phasmid subjects and the interested lay-person will find the assembled information and illustrations very accessible and a catalyst to their natural history pursuits.

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